Sebastian Bergmann's Presentations (Selection)

Optimizing Your Test Suite
PHPUnit: Past, Present, Future
Avoiding Mockageddon
PHPUnit Best Practices
PHP Compiler Internals
How to get ready for PHP 8
Brettspiele und Softwareentwicklung
May the source be with EU
Tools of the Trade
Writing Really Good Code
Do you verify your views?
Prepare for tomorrow, today
Getting Started with PHPUnit
Making PHPUnit Better
The Myth of Untestable Code
Testing Self-Contained Systems
Domain-Specific Assertions
Everything you need to know about PHP 7.2
Extending PHPUnit
Amiga Software Development in 2017
PHP 7: Reality Check
Lately in PHP(Unit)
Testing: the more you do it, the more you'll like it
PHP 7: What kind of language is it?
Finding the right testing tool for the job
28 Weeks Later
PHPUnit 5, PHP 7, and Beyond
The State of PHPUnit
The Fall Guy
How to get ready for PHP 7
Test-Driven Domains
Kunst aus Code
How to use an Amiga in 2015
The Three Dimensions of Testing
At the push of a button, and without a maintenance window!
Code Coverage: Covered in Depth
Moving Fast Without Deploying Broken Things
Effective Integration Testing
Dealing with Legacy Code
A State of Mind
Why, What, and How: Testing in 2014
HHVM: The Alternative PHP Runtime
The Driven Developer
Pride and Prejudice: Testing in the PHP World
Test{able|ing} Zend Framework 2 Applications
Testing on the Edge
More Tests or Better Code?
Leveraging 12 Years of PHPUnit
Agility and Quality
Automated Deployment: From Jenkins to Production
High Quality PHP: Past, Present and Future
Test{able|ing} Symfony2 Applications
Test Proxies, oder: Wie aus Problemen Features werden
The Wrong End of the Stick
Living with Legacy
Alternative PHP Runtimes
Integrating PHP Projects with Jenkins
The PHP Tester's Toolbox