Sebastian Bergmann's Presentations (Selection)

Event-Based Testing
Testing with Doubles: Why, When, and How?
Was ist neu in PHP(Unit)?
PHPUnit 10 für Symfony Entwickler:innen
Zukunft nachhaltig mit Hilfe der Open Source Bewegung gestalten
The PHP Stack’s Supply Chain
The PHP Foundation
PHPUnit 10
DDoS Attacks on Open Source Infrastructure
PHPUnit Best Practices
PHPUnit 10: Why it’s delayed, what it brings
Fearless Dependency Upgrades
PHP 8.1: The Evolution of a Programming Language That Wasn’t Meant To Be
Optimizing Your Test Suite
PHPUnit: Past, Present, Future
Nukleare Abrüstung dank typsicherem PHP
Open Source und die EU
Avoiding Mockageddon
PHP Compiler Internals
How to get ready for PHP 8
Das macht man heute so
May the source be with EU
Tools of the Trade
Vom Besucherzähler zur treibenden Kraft des Web
Richtig testen
Do you verify your views?
Prepare for tomorrow, today
The Myth of Untestable Code
Testing Self-Contained Systems
Domain-Specific Assertions
Testing: the more you do it, the more you'll like it
Test-Driven Domains
Amiga Software Development in 2017
Kunst aus Code
How to use an Amiga in 2015