thePHP Curriculum

Using PHPUnit from a PHP Archive

PHPUnit 3.7

PHP Summit im Dezember in Berlin

PHP Summit in London

PHP Summit in München

A Tool's Tale

Static Analysis with HipHop for PHP

PHP Training in Montréal

Using CLANG/scan-build for Static Analysis of the PHP Interpreter

Testable Code: Rockstar Edition

Meet in October

Towards Better Code Coverage Metrics in the PHP World

Debugging with Git and PHPUnit

Visualization of PHPUnit Development

On Sponsored Open Source Development

Presenting at OSCON 2011

PHP Project Wizard

Template for Jenkins Jobs for PHP Projects

Testing Traits

PHP Training in Montréal

PHP Summit in München

Thank you, Facebook!

Testing LAMP Applications

PHP Days in Manchester

Scalar Type Hints in PHP 5.3.99

PHPUnit 3.5 Upgrading Woes at IPC 2010

PHPUnit 3.5

PHPUnit 3.5: Less $this Required

PHP Summit in Düsseldorf

Using HipHop for Static Analysis

GTAC 2010

PHPUnit 3.5: Refactoring to Components

PHPUnit 3.5 Beta 1 at IPC:SE 2010

10 Years of PHP Community (for me)

Using PHPUnit from a Git Checkout

Code Coverage Dashboard

Stubbing Hard-Coded Dependencies

Sharing Fixture Between Tests

Stubbing and Mocking Static Methods

Testing Code That Uses Singletons

Testing Your Privates

My Take on Facebook's HipHop for PHP

PHP Summit in Düsseldorf

PHP Days Montréal

CRAP in PHPUnit 3.5

PHPUnit Development Moved to GitHub

PHPUnit 3.4.2

CodeWorks 2009

PHPUnit 3.4.0

PHPUnit 3.4.0RC1


Zensi, Zensa, Zensursula

PHPUnit 3.3.17

PHP Compiler Internals

Cool Objects Sleep on the Couch on Code Reviews

Nikon D700

PHPUnit 3.3.16

Untestable Code

PHP Code Review - Chicago Edition

Flickr: The Real World PHP 5 Benchmark

Quality Assurance in PHP Projects

Quality Assurance Tools for PHP

Speaking at OSCON 2009

Do Not Micro-Optimize

PHP Code Review

Announcing "The PHP QA Book"

Fighting the Crisis with IT Quality

Speaking at Dutch PHP Conference 2009

Speaking at IPC Spring 2009

Fixture Reuse in PHPUnit 3.4

PHP Code Camp in Siegburg

PHPUnit 3.3.14

PHPUnit 3.3.11

PHPUnit 3.3.10

The Cost of Test Isolation - Follow-Up

Object-Relational Behavioral Patterns

Cool PHP Objects Sleep on the Couch

Speaking at php|tek 2009

Speaking at PHP UK Conference 2009

Seven Things - Tagged by Derick Rethans

Using Bazaar for PHPUnit Development

PHPUnit 3.4.0 - Alpha 1

PHPUnit 3.3.9

Speaking at PHPCon Italia 2009

PHPUnit 3.3.8

PHPUnit 3.3.6

Freezing and Thawing PHP Objects

The Cost of Test Isolation (and other PHPUnit Features)

PHPUnit 3.3.5

Speaking at Conférence PHP Québec 2009

More PHP Code Camps

Test Dependencies in PHPUnit 3.4

PHPUnit 3.3.4

PHPUnit 3.3.3

Map, Filter, Reduce – In the Small and in the Cloud

Of Lambda Functions, Closures, and Traits

PHPUnit 3.3.2

PHP Code Camp in Bad Ems

PHPUnit Workshop in Sydney

A Quick Start to Continuous Integration

Quality Assurance in PHP Projects

PHPUnit 3.3

PHPUnit 3.3.0 RC1

Speaking at php|works 2008

Slides from FrOSCon


The State of AOP for PHP

Speaking at DevWeek India 2008

Speaking at IPC 2008

PHPUnit 3.3.0 Beta 1


Speaking at OSDC 2008

Speaking at FrOSCon 2008

Quality Assurance in PHP Projects

PHPUnit Workshops in Australia

emPHPower @ OSCON

OpenMoko / Freerunner and Ubuntu

PHP Code Camp in Zurich


eZ Components 2008.1 and ezcWorkflow 1.2

Global Variables and PHPUnit

PHPUnit 3.2.21

Quality Assurance in PHP Projects


PHPUnit / phpUnderControl VMware Image

Speaking at ZendCon 2008

PHPUnit Workshop in Brisbane

My DxO Rant

Birds of a Feather Sessions @ OSCON

PHPUnit 3.2.20

PHPUnit Workshop in Melbourne

Understanding the PHP Object Model


Type-Safe Objects in PHP

Understanding the PHP Object Model

Quality Assurance in PHP Projects

Dutch PHP TestFest

PHP Has No Culture of Testing

PHP Vikinger 2008

PHP Test Fest Slides

Prepare for TestFest

PHPUnit 3.2.19

MySQL Conference 2008

Testing PHP/MySQL Applications with PHPUnit/DbUnit

Test Runner Improvement in PHPUnit 3.3


PHPUnit 3.2.18

PHP Test Fest in Cologne

Google Summer of Code 2008

PHPUnit 3.2.17

PHPUnit 3.2.16

PHP Unconference in Hamburg

FrOSCon 2008: Call for Papers

PHPUnit Tutorial @ OSCON 2008

PHP Code Camp in Berlin

ANSI Colors in PHPUnit Output

The PHP Language Workbench

A Workflow Engine for PHP 5

New Articles on PHPUnit

Giuseppe is a Charmer

Generating Code from Tests

Speaking at DLW Europe

Motivation for Testing

Speaking at Dutch PHP Conference 2008

PHPUnit 3.2.15

Testing with SQLite In-Memory Databases

Map and Reduce in PHP

PHPUnit 3.2.14

Workflow Engine Plugin System

PHPUnit 3.2.13

Looking Back at 2007


Michaelsberg Abby and Medieval Market

Workflow Engine 1.1

Isolated (and Parallel) Test Execution in PHPUnit 4

Speaking at MySQL Conference 2008

Caitlin's Chocolate Chip Cookies

Trip to Zurich

Hot and Fruity Curry


PHPUnit 3.2.3

Nikon D300

SQL Puzzle

PHPUnit 3.2


Speaking at Conférence PHP Québec 2008

RC2 Is The New RC1

A Workflow Engine for PHP 5

PECL: Ein Griff in den PHP-Sprachbaukasten

Qualitätssicherung in PHP-Projekten

Testing with PHPUnit and Selenium

PHPUnit 3.2.0 RC1

Proposals for MySQL Conference

Profiling and Optimizing PHPUnit


Xdebug Performance Boost

A Week in Atlanta

A Week in the Bay Area

A Week in Rome

Data Providers in PHPUnit 3.2

Design and Implementation of a Workflow Engine

Advanced PHPUnit Topics

Workflow Engine for PHP 5

Testing with PHPUnit and Selenium

TestNG-style Grouping of Tests in PHPUnit 3.2

Videos from GTAC07

FrOSCon 2007 back online

Copy & Paste Detection in PHPUnit 3.2

SeleniumTestCase Improvements in PHPUnit 3.2

Support for PHPUnit in Parabuild

PHPUnit as a Project Mess Detector

PHPUnit and Software Metrics

IDE Support for PHPUnit

Wanted: PHP Implementation of Unified Diff

Speaking at the International PHP Conference

Update on Mutation Testing

Speaking at iX-Konferenz

Speaking at php|works 2007

PHPUnit 3.1.0

Windows Vista 64

PHPUnit @ Linux Hotel

PHPUnit Status Update

Slides from eZ Conference

Tutorial at ZendCon 2007


Slides from Ludwigsburg

Slides from php|tek 2007

PHP Unconference in Hamburg

Final Exam

Travel Schedule

Google Summer of Code 2007

Xinc is not CruiseControl

PHP Unconference in Hamburg

PHPUnit Support in PHPEdit

eZ Conference and PHP Vikinger 2007

OmniTI Labs, or: Trac can look sexy!

Google Summer of Code 2007

FrOSCon 2007: Call for Papers

German Article on PHPUnit 3

International PHP Conference 2007 - Spring Edition

Ideas for PHPUnit Projects

Distributed Testing with PHPUnit 3.1

PHP-GTK2 Testrunner for PHPUnit

phpOpenTracker Logo Contest

Partitioning with Dates in MySQL 5.1

New Desktop Box

FrOSCon 2007: Sponsors Wanted!

Sapphire ATI X1950 Pro Ultimate

Apple iPod G5.5 80GB

PHPUnit Consulting and Training

phpAspect 0.1.0

eZ Components Workflow Engine

Thank you, Zeev!

php|tek 2007

Hardware Upgrade

AJAX-Based Test Runner for PHPUnit

PHPUnit 3.0

PHPUnit 3.0 Beta 4

Getting Started with Hamcrest

Testing PHP Applications with PHPUnit 3

PHP / GCC / ICC Benchmark

Serendipity: Baton Caught and Answered

PHPUnit 3.0 Beta 1

Integrating PHPUnit with Selenium

PHPAspect and parse_tree

Improved Skeleton Generator in PHPUnit 3

Extended Reflection API for PHP 5

PHP Nostalgia


php|works 2006

Who Uses PHPUnit?

PHP Deployment Model

EWAS 2006

Zend/PHP Conference 2006

Visualizing Text Differences in PHPUnit 3

Introduction to PHPUnit on A/R/T

PHPUnit Article on IBM DeveloperWorks

Japanese Documentation for PHPUnit

Road Trip 2006

GAP @ EIWAS 2006


A Fantastic Week Is (Finally) Over

Greg Beaver is my Hero

So Long, and Thanks for All the PEARs

php|works 2006

Serendipity 1.0

Even More Work on Reporting in PHPUnit 3

Moving to Norway

Static Analysis of PHP Code

HP LaserJet 1320

PHP Vikinger



PHPUnit Support in PHPEclipse

PHP - kurz & gut

Materialized Views for MySQL

Using PHPUnit with CruiseControl

PHPUnit Talk at PHP Usergroup Würzburg

Testing Output with PHPUnit

FrOSCon 2006 - Call for {Papers|Projects}

Code Coverage Reports with PHPUnit 3

Hardware Trouble

Sapphire ATI X1600 Pro 512MB

PHPUnit Support in PHP IDEs


Current State of AOP for PHP

Hired by eZ systems AS

Vaude Apache and Crumpler Slip

Graphical Logging in PHPUnit 3

Website Changes

PHP 5.1 / GCC Benchmark (Update)

eZ publish conference 2006

FrOSCon 2006 - Call for Papers

Happy New Year!

Lookback at 2005

PHPUnit 3.0

PHPUnit Talk at PHP Usergroup Dortmund

T-Sinus 1054 data

Testing PHP Code with PHPUnit

Enterprise PHP {Components|Framework}

Entwicklertage 2006


PHP5. Profesjonalne tworzenie oprogramowania.

International PHP Conference 2005

PHPUnit Pocket Guide Now Available Online

International PHP Conference 2005

Back from EuroOSCON

PHP 5 - The Year After

Off to Amsterdam for EuroOSCON

PHPUnit 2.3

Lecture on PHPUnit

PHPUnit Pocket Guide

PHPUnit Talk at PHP Usergroup Dortmund


Fluent Interface in PHPUnit 3.0

Call for Help

Planet PHPUnit


Nikon D70s


IBM uses PHPUnit

International PHP Conference 2005

International Conference on Aspect-Oriented Software Development

Presenting at EuroOSCON 2005

PHP 4.4.0 Released

Mock Objects in PHPUnit

Back from LinuxTag

PHP 5 - Ein Jahr danach

PHP 5.1 Performance

Extending and Embedding PHP

Comparing PHPUnit2 and SimpleTest

Professionelle Softwareentwicklung mit PHP 5

PHP Code Camp

Reflection_Annotation in CVS

LinuxTag 2005

Trip to Hamburg

Unit Tests with PHPUnit

PHP 5 - The Year After

PHPUnit Pocket Guide

Head First Design Patterns

Annotations in PHP

phpOpenTracker-1.5.0 Released


PHPUnit Cookbook

Presenting at the PHP Usergroup Hamburg

PHPUnit2-2.2.0 Released

CeBIT and Heise Party

Gentoo Presentation at LUUSA

PHP Usergroup Köln/Bonn @ O'Reilly

Serendipity 0.8 Beta 1

Request for PHPUnit Usage Data

Upcoming Venues


Back from FOSDEM

New PHPUnit Website Launched

Trackback Spam

IT-Defense 2005

Professionelle Softwareentwicklung mit PHP 5

International PHP Conference 2005 - Spring Edition

iX 2.2005

New Releases of Benchmark, Image_GraphViz, and PHPUnit

A Logo for PHPUnit

Second Release Candidate for phpOpenTracker 1.5.0

Writing "Professionelle Softwareentwicklung mit PHP 5"

PHPUnit-1.2.0beta1 and PHPUnit2-2.2.0beta2 Released

iX 1.2005

Photo Shooting

Sapphire Atlantis 9800 Pro

PHPUnit2-2.2.0beta1 Released

XML_Transformer-1.1.0 Released

PHPUnit2-2.1.4 Released

Web of Trust

Serendipity 0.7

Real-Time CVS Statistics for Serendipity

PHPUnit2-2.1.3 Released

Integrating PHPUnit with Phing

International PHP Conference 2004

Mozilla Thunderbird 0.9

Mailinglists Suck

Frameworks and Tools Ported from Java to PHP

PHPUnit2-2.1.2 Released

New PEAR Category "Testing"

PHPUnit2-2.1.1 Released

EuroFoo on Film

Igniting the Web

On Blogs, Portals and Conference Websites

MySQL ComCon Europe

First Beta Release of Serendipity 0.7

PHPUnit2-2.0.2 Released

Ximian 1.3.2

True Transparency in X11 6.8.0

On PHPUnit and Software Metrics

Preorder Garvin's S9Y Book!

PHPUnit2-2.1.0 Released

PHPUnit2-2.0.1 Released

O'Reilly European Foo Camp

PHPUnit Hacking Spree

International PHP Conference 2004


Views Added to MySQL 5.0

TIOBE Programming Community Index

iX 8.2004

PHPUnit2-2.0.0 Released

PHP 5.0.0 Released

PHPUnit Talk at PHP Usergroup Munich

O'Reilly European Foo Camp

LinuxTag 2004

Subversion Talk

Mono Talk at LinuxTag 2004

phpOpenTracker Talk at LinuxTag 2004

Mono 1.0

Migration to IMAP, GMANE

Toshiba Satellite Pro M30

LAMP @ LinuxTag 2004

PHPUnit 2.0.0 Beta 2 Released

Workshop on Interpreted Languages - Talks Announced

PHP Usergroup Meeting

Samsung Spinpoint SP1614C

A Guided Tour to the MySQL Sourcecode

International PHP Conference 2004 - Spring Edition

Processing XML with PHP 5

Testing Object-Oriented PHP Applications with PHPUnit

Creole and Propel

Who Is Reading My Blog?

PHPUnit Status Update

PHP Sourcecode Documentation

Mono Talk at LinuxTag 2004


New Layout

PoVRay Benchmark

Hardware Upgrade (Continued)

Hardware Upgrade

PHPUnit 2.0.0-beta1 Released

First Release Candidate of PHP 5.0.0 Released

PHPUnit-1.0.0 Released

phpOpenTracker-1.4.1 Released

Advanced PHP Programming

Georg, Zak and Derick @ PHPUG Köln/Bonn

Benchmark of PHP Branches 3.0 through 5.3-CVS

phpOpenTracker 2.0 Development

LG GSA-4081B

Support for BDD and Stories in PHPUnit 3.3

Presentation Material

CeBIT 2004

Visualizing Clickpaths using SpringGraph and POVRay

Review of Mono Book

Integrating TestDox into PHPUnit

Objective-C, SmallTalk and AspectS

phpOpenTracker 1.4.0 Released

phpOpenTracker License Change

LinuxTag 2004 - Call for Papers

Serendipity and Weblog Services


International PHP Conference 2004 - Spring Edition

FOAF Information Available

PHP Look Back 2003

Sony Ericsson T610

Back from New York

Restarting the PHPUnit_MockObjects Project

Mozilla Thunderbird 0.4



Samsung SyncMaster 193T

Off To iX-Konferenz

Mono Talk @ iX-Konferenz

Talk at the PHP Usergroup Cologne/Bonn

New Features in PHPUnit 3.3

Allerheiligenkirmes Soest

Back from the Conference

Reflections on the Conference

XML-Verarbeitung mit PHP 5

"Live Coverage" from the International PHP Conference 2003

Trip to London

phpOpenTracker Logo

PHPUnit 3.2.12

Moving Away From XSLT

Boat Trip to Linz

phpOpenTracker Website Relaunched

An Orgy in Chocolate

On Components

Sony MDR-EX51LP Earphones

PHP Usergroup Meeting

International PHP Conference 2003

PHPUnit 1.0.0-alpha1 Released

CyberHome CH-DVD 505

Lazy Initialization with PHP 5

Zalman ZM80A-HP

Implementing Delegation in PHP 5

Aspects, Wrappers, and Events

The Template Method Pattern in PHP 5

iX-Konferenz 2003

PHPUnit Website

TestDox for PHPUnit

T-Sinus 130 data on Linux

LinuxTag 2003

Pascal's Birthday, AGOOP Meeting

Mono Talk @ AGOOP

PHP and Friends @ LinuxTag

Olympus Camedia 720 Ultra Zoom

PHPUnit 3.2.9

PHPUnit Development

phpOpenTracker Workshop @ LinuxTag 2003

phpOpenTracker 1.2.0 Beta Phase

LinuxTag 2003 - Organization Meeting

PHPUnit, PHP 5 Slides

phpOpenTracker Moved to BerliOS


Changes to this Blog

Book Blog

Patrick Started Blogging

Back from Amsterdam

Off to Amsterdam

Slides for Amsterdam

wopr-mobile: +256M

I'm certified - Are you?

PHP UG Köln/Bonn Meeting

T-Sinus 130data

Support for the Cancel Case Workflow Pattern

PHPUnit 3.2.10

More Work on Reporting in PHPUnit 3

PixelView GeForce4 Ti4200 128 MB DVI/ViVo

International PHP Conference 2003 Spring Editon

Shopping Spree

I Hate Hardware Problems!

PHP Dinner @ CeBIT 2003