PHPUnit 3.7

The PHPUnit development team announces the immediate availability of PHPUnit 3.7.0, PHP_CodeCoverage 1.2.0, PHPUnit_MockObject 1.2.0, and DbUnit 1.2.0.

Key enhancements in these releases include:

  • New assertions, for instance ones that operate on JSON data
  • Redesigned code coverage report
  • It is possible again to expect (with @expectedException) the generic Exception class. Doing so is still a bad idea, though.

Please note that PHPUnit 3.7 is only supported on PHP 5.3.3 (or later) and that PHP 5.4.7 (or later) is highly recommended. While PHP_CodeCoverage still works with Xdebug 2.0.5, upgrading to Xdebug 2.2.1 (or later) is highly recommended.

Make sure to read the upgrading guide in case you are, well, upgrading. The full list of changes are listed in the ChangeLog of each project (linked above).