PHP Project Wizard

Hot on the heels of the Template for Jenkins Jobs for PHP Projects comes my next new Open Source project: the PHP Project Wizard (PPW).

The PHP Project Wizard (PPW) is a commandline tool that can be used to generate the scripts and configuration files necessary for the build automation of a PHP project. Given the location of a project's directories with sourcecode and tests as well as the project's name, the PHP Project Wizard generates scripts and configuration files necessary for build automation using Apache Ant.

ppw --source src \
    --tests tests \
    --name myproject

PHP Project Wizard (PPW) 1.0.1 by Sebastian Bergmann.

Wrote build script for Apache Ant to build.xml
Wrote build configuration for Apache Ant to
Wrote configuration for PHPUnit to phpunit.xml.dist

The artifacts produced by the build are exactly what the template for Jenkins jobs for PHP projects expects.