Announcing "The PHP QA Book"

Together with Stefan Priebsch, I am writing a book on "Quality Assurance in PHP Projects". The book will be published in English and German at the same time later this year.

The idea for the book is that Stefan Priebsch and I write the introductory as well as the concluding chapters while other authors contribute case studies for the middle part of the book.

The case study authors will not always agree with each other. In fact, we invite different opinions on how problems are solved to give the readers not "one single truth" but provide different approaches to problems and views on issues.

Our motivation to write this book is simple: there is no such book on the market and from our experience a book such as this is needed. We get questions from our clients all the time: which book can I get for my developers or recommend to potential job applicants as required reading for the topic of web application quality assurance? This book will be the answer to these questions.

The list of case study authors includes contributors to well-known Open Source projects from the PHP community as well as developers working on some of the largest websites built using PHP, which happen to be some of the Web's most popular sites. Other contributing authors write about practices and tools.

Over the course of the next weeks, we will introduce each case study author together with the case study he or she is contributing to the book.