PHP 4 died today. It was slow and painful death, four years (since the release of PHP 5) in the making.

A couple of months before PHP 4.0.0 was released I had my first contact with PHP. I never really used PHP 3, I started my "PHP career" with beta versions of PHP 4.

Around the release date of PHP 4.0.0 I was in Berlin and met up with people from the PHP community for the first time in person: Kristian Köhntopp, Ulf Wendel, Sascha Schumann, Björn Schotte, Johann-Peter Hartmann, Till Gerken, and Tobias Ratschiller. Later that year, I was the second speaker (after Ulf Wendel) at the world's first PHP conference in Cologne, Germany.

By the time PHP 4.1.0 was released (in December 2001), I had met even more people: Rasmus Lerdorf and Derick Rethans (both in Brussles at FOSDEM) as well as Sterling Hughes (in New York and in Brussles). Not to mention all the people I met at LinuxTag in Stuttgart in the summer of 2001.

Fast forward to the present. The PHP community is alive and kicking, thanks to PHP 5. PHP 5.3 will be released soon and PHP 6 is on the horizon. So please: let PHP 4 rest in peace.