Speaking at IPC 2008

I will present two sessions at this year's edition of the International PHP Conference:

Of Lambda Functions, Closures and Traits

Lambda Functions and Closures allow the quick definition of throw-away functions (for use with array_map(), for instance) that are not used elsewhere.

Traits reduce some limitations of single inheritance by enabling the reuse method sets freely in several independent classes.

This session introduces the audience to the implementation of lambda functions and closures (which are new in PHP 5.3) as well as traits (which will be added in PHP 6).

Map, Filter, Reduce - In the Small and in the Cloud

PHP is not a full-fledged functional language, but it supports some very useful functional idioms such as Map, Filter, and Reduce.

Google's MapReduce programming model builds upon the combination of map and reduce in a parallel computing environment.

This session covers the foundations of Map/Reduce using array_map()/array_reduce() and scale this concept to the "Computing Cloud" level using Apache Hadoop.

See you in Mainz, Germany in October!