The organizers of OSDC::Israel::2009 have asked me to help them find sponsors for their event.

The Open Source Developers' Conference in Israel, 2009 is planned to be a low-cost three-day muliple track conference held somewhere in Israel. The conference will be held in the beginning of 2009. Exact dates and location will be announced later on our mailing lists.

The conference theme is Open Source Tools with an emphasis on Test Automation and Quality Assurance. The talks presented at the conference will be about practical uses of Perl, Python, PHP, Ruby and some other languages and technologies.

I am particularly intrigued by the idea of the Israeli QA Hackathon to which I have been invited:

The purpose of the Israeli QA hackathon is to work on several Quality Assurance-related problems that are easier to solve when everyone is gathered in the same physical location. This can include issues with packaging, testing modules, community support but most notably the integration of the various tools.

To achieve this we will attempt to fund travel and lodging for a core group of QA people and try our best to make this workshop as fun, useful, relevant and productive as possible.

Please get in contact with Gabor Szabo if you would like to sponsor this event.