emPHPower @ OSCON

OSCON 2008

In addition to the tutorial on PHPUnit and phpUnderControl and the Birds of a Feather sessions on Frameworks/Tools for (Unit) Testing and Hamcrest, I will also lead a discussion round on emPHPower at this year's edition of OSCON:


The PHP community is alive and kicking. Actually the entire PHP ecosystem is leaving the competition in the dust time and time again.

As the PHP community grows however, it becomes harder and harder for people to come together from the various corners of the community. Determining the needs of the community becomes more and more difficult as the ratio of developers working on PHP gets smaller and smaller compared to the number of PHP developers. At the same time sponsors are lost in trying to figure out how to best approach the PHP community.

Other languages have foundations that serve as a point of contact, often going so far as to collect money in order to be able to allocate paid ressources. For various reasons PHP lacks similar structures and many say that they would not fit PHP way of doing things anyways. That being said, maybe there is still something we could change for the better? PHP contributor Lukas Smith has formulated his vision for such an effort in the form of an organization that would serve as a mediator and catalyst between all the members of the PHP community under the code name emPHPower. Join in this birds of feather session to be a part of the discussion surrounding evangelization in the PHP world!

As Lukas Smith, the initiator of emPHPower, cannot make it to OSCON, I will represent on his behalf on July 21 2008 at 7:00pm.