Dutch PHP TestFest

PHP TestFest

Last Saturday I helped the Dutch PHP Usergroup (Nederlandse PHP Gebruikersgroep) with the organization and moderation of the Dutch PHP TestFest in Roosendaal.

The day started for me with a 4.5 hour train ride (Siegburg -> Düsseldorf -> Venlo -> Tilburg -> Roosendaal). I arrived shortly after noon, just in time for the start of the test fest at 12:30.

Keeping Score

After a short introduction to PHPT, we started writing tests for the Reflection API. We managed to write 37 tests with 10 people in 4 hours.

The day ended for me with another 4.5 hour train ride (Roosendaal -> Brussles -> Cologne -> Siegburg).

Thanks to the kind people that attended the test fest, I had something interesting to read on the way back: Principles of Program Analysis. Thank you for this nice present!