PHP Vikinger 2008

PHP Vikinger

On June 21 2008 the third edition of PHP Vikinger will be held in Skien, Norway.

PHP Vikinger is an unconference directed towards everyone who wants to learn more about PHP and likes to discuss and meet with new people. Unlike normal conferences, the talks at an unconference are determined by the attendees, and not by a committee.

Just like in 2006 and 2007, this year's event will once again be organized by my friend Derick Rethans. Once again the attendance will be free: you just have to get to Skien and find a place to stay. Please do not forget to register.

Derick Rethans

The Power of Thor strong with this one is.

The previous PHP Vikinger events had a strong presence of PHP and MySQL contributers and I do not expect this to be different this year.

See you in Skien during Midsummer!