Planet PHPUnit I would like to announce Planet PHPUnit, a site that aggregates blog postings related to PHPUnit. At the moment only three feeds are aggregated on Planet PHPUnit: release announcements, articles about new features in PHPUnit written by myself, and Manuel Pichler's blog postings on phpUnderControl. I would like to invite everyone who has blogged about PHPUnit in the past to send me a link to an RSS or Atom feed that only contains their respective blog entries that relate to PHPUnit. I would also like to encourage every user of PHPUnit to start blogging about their daily usage of PHPUnit. I think it would be wonderfull to have Planet PHPUnit become not only a hub for blog postings that document PHPUnit's development, but also an ongoing stream of case studies and usage examples. Planet PHPUnit uses Planet, the awesome "river of news" feed reader [...] that downloads news feeds published by web sites and aggregates their content together into a single combined feed, latest news first.. I am indebted to Kore Nordmann for his work on the CSS of Planet PHPUnit. Update: I added the PHPUnit-related feeds of Mike Lively, Sebastian Nohn, Mike Naberezny, and Lars Strojny.