PHPUnit 3.2

Sebastian Bergmann and his contributors are proud to announce the immediate availability of PHPUnit 3.2. This release is a major improvement to the popular open source testing solution for PHP applications. It includes new features and bug fixes. Highlights of this new release include software metrics, project mess detection, copy-and-paste detection, improvements to SeleniumTestCase for better integration with Selenium RC, data providers for test cases, and grouping of tests. Further details about this release can be found in the ChangeLog. Upgrading to PHPUnit 3.2 PHPUnit 3.2 is backwards compatible with PHPUnit 3.1. Please note that the PHPUnit_Extensions_ExceptionTestCase and PHPUnit_Extensions_TestSetup classes have been deprecated. They will be removed in PHPUnit 4.0. Please migrate to the functionality provided by PHPUnit_Framework_TestCase and PHPUnit_Framework_TestSuite, respectively. Documentation The PHPUnit Pocket Guide has been updated for PHPUnit 3.2 (English, Japanese). Please note that documenting PHPUnit is an ongoing effort. You can expect additions and improvements to the PHPUnit Pocket Guide in the near future, especially for the Database Testing, Software Metrics and XML Configuration File chapters. Roadmap The work on PHPUnit 3.2.1 and PHPUnit 4 has already begun.