Speaking at Conférence PHP Québec 2008

I will speak at the 2008 edition of Conférence PHP Québec in Montreal next March. Together with Marcus Börger I will present a PHPLab

Test-Driven Object-Oriented Programming - Learning and Understanding PHP has become an extremly powerful web development platform, and since PHP 5 it supports a pretty good and capable object model. This allowed the design of high quality frameworks such as the eZ Components or the Zend Framework. But before you start using them, you might want to learn a bit more about OOP. This PHPLab is an in-depth introduction to object-oriented and pattern-based programming using PHP 5. You will learn everything necessary to write your own cutting-edge components and applications - and of course how to use and extend components from other people or companies. You will learn how and when to use objects as well as when not to use them. Throughout the tutorial we will use a test-driven learning approach.
In my first session of the main conference I will take a look at PECL
PECL: The PHP Language Workbench A look into PECL shows how flexible the language core of PHP, the Zend Engine, is. The repository holds a variety of extensions that not only add "normal" functionality, but alter and extend language features. This session will demonstrate, among other, PHP extensions for operator overloading, manipulation of bytecode at runtime, and access to the parse tree of PHP code.
My second session will present the Workflow component of the eZ Components:
Graph-Oriented Programming with PHP Workflow Management (WfM) is becoming more and more important. For the development and maintainance of software that supports workflows, a new layer on top of the base programming language is needed. Graph-Oriented Programming (GOP) is such a layer. This session presents the eZ Components' workflow engine, its possible applications and the underlying principles and techniques.
I am looking forward to this conference for various reasons: it will be my first time tag-teaming a workshop with Marcus and I have been told that Conférence PHP Québec is the PHP conference with the most fun.