IDE Support for PHPUnit

Something is happening on the "IDE Support for PHPUnit" front (finally):

PHPEdit 2.12

WaterProof SARL has released version 2.12 of its PHPEdit IDE. Its support for PHPUnit is described here and here. A screencast is also available.
Zend Studio

Running the BankAccountTest Tests

Zend Technologies Ltd. is getting ready to start the beta cycle for the next major version of its Zend Studio IDE that sits on top of Eclipse and the PHP Development Tools (PDT). You can have a sneak peek at what its PHPUnit support looks like here.
It would be great, though, if someone develops a free PHPUnit support for the Eclipse PHP Development Tools (PDT) project (or for vim for which there is already SimpleTest support :-) If you are using PHPEclipse, there is still the SimpleTest plugin for PHPEclipse that also supports PHPUnit.