Ideas for PHPUnit Projects

I started to collect ideas for features that I would like to see in PHPUnit but currently lack the time to implement myself. Mutation Testing Mutation Testing, or Automated Error Seeding, is an approach where the testing tool makes some change to the tested code, runs the tests, and if the tests pass displays a message saying what it changed. This approach is different than code coverage analysis, because it can find code that is executed by the running of tests but not actually tested. It is not meant as a replacement for code coverage analysis, but complementary. Jester is such a tool (currently available for C#, Java, and Python). An implementation of mutation testing for PHP and PHPUnit could use the Parse Tree and Runkit extensions to mutate the tested code. Web Interface for Test Result Database PHPUnit supports the logging of test result and code coverage data to a database. A web interface, desirably implemented using the eZ Components, is needed to make this data accessible. If you are interested in working on these ideas feel free to get in touch.