Serendipity: Baton Caught and Answered

I have been passed the Serendipity baton from Garvin:

  • Do you use the Serendipity blogging engine?
  • If you use Serendipity, why did you choose it?
    I was not really happy with the first blogging engine that I was using (I cannot remember which one that was). So when I learned that Jannis, Sterling, and a few others had started working on a new PHP-based blogging engine, I was immediately interested and tried it. I have not looked back since.
  • What does Serendipity (or another blogging engine) have to offer (functionality, plugins, bribes) to make you switch your blogging engine?
    I am happy with Serendipity. It is feature-complete, standards-compliant, written in PHP, and free software.
  • What project (plugin, service, code snippet) would you be interested in working on with the developers of different blogging engines?
    For quite some time I have this crazy idea of taking the referer and exit targets that Serendipity collects and visualize them using GraphViz.
I pass the baton to Patrick and Tobias (who use Serendipity) and Zak (who uses Wordpress).