So Long, and Thanks for All the PEARs

As of today, the development of PHPUnit has been moved from PEAR to a server generously donated and maintained by Tobias Schlitt. This step has been made for both emotional and technical reasons. I will not make the mistake and go into details about my frustration with the PEAR Project at this point. The technical reasons, however, I will discuss below. The CVS repository has been migrated to Subversion (information), Trac is now used to provide repository browsing, issue tracking, and wiki functionality. The PHPUnit Pocket Guide website is now proudly served by lighttpd and the DocBook/XML sources of the book are now also publically available. I have set up three mailinglists (,, and, powered by qmail and ezmlm. For the first time there are dedicated mailinglists for PHPUnit available. Future releases of PHPUnit will be published via its own PEAR channel server. Please no longer report bugs about PHPUnit at the PEAR website and do not check out the PHPUnit sources from