Back from EuroOSCON

I am back home from Amsterdam where I presented a talk titled "PHP 5 - The Year After" at the EuroOSCON conference. On Monday I arrived in time for lunch (which I had together with Rasmus Lerdorf). In the afternoon I attended Brian Fitzpatrick's tutorial on Subversion. In the evening I enjoyed Damian Conway's "Fun with Dead Languages" extravaganza which was preceded by Larry Wall's "9.3th State of the Onion". On Tuesday I unfortunately had to leave the conference almost directly after my own presentation; I would have loved to stay for the whole conference. I enjoyed being at the conference and had good conversations, for instance with Russel Nelson and Bruno Souza with the OSI, Jeff Waugh of GNOME and Ubuntu Linux fame, Gervase Markham of Mozilla Firefox fame, and Matthew Langham.