International PHP Conference 2004

I just returned home after attending the International PHP Conference 2004 and MySQL ComCon Europe 2004 conferences. Monday After a convenient ride with the ICE-3 high-speed train from Siegburg to Frankfurt am Main / Airport (about 40 minutes) and a short ride with a shuttle bus to the hotel (about 10 minutes) I arrived at the conference venue just in time for the first coffee break of the day. Following the first "Hello!"s with my fellow PHP developers I attended the last part of Björn Schotte's six-hour "Power Workshop" on the use of PHP in "Big Projects". Björn caught me unaware with a question about PHPUnit while I was reading my mail during his presentation. Tuesday On Tuesday I attended a talk by Creditreform Rating AG on the eXtensible Business Reporting Language (XBRL). It is interesting to see that banks et al. use XML and that XBRL might become the required format for business report publication. Next I attended a session by Christopher Kunz and Peter Prochaska on security aspects of PHP. After lunch I sat down with René Schönfeldt, Hakan Kücükyilmaz, and Sandro Zic to discuss my upcoming book and Hakan's and Sandro's books. A DJ played a set of music that was not after my fancy (or anyone else's) so instead of going there I sat down for a nice talk with Gaylord Aulke and Holger Kral of Dorten GmbH. Wednesday Wednesday started for me with Christian Stocker's "XML on Crack" talk. My own talk, "Testgetriebene Entwicklung mit PHPUnit", was next. Over the course of 2.5 hours I gave an introduction into the art of Unit Testing with PHPUnit and demonstrated PHPUnit's more advanced features like Code-Coverage Analysis or Integration with Phing. The only MySQL talk I attended was by Heikki Tuuri on InnoDB. Last on my agenda was Derick Rethans' talk on "Enterprise PHP Bananas" in which he presented the current state of his Script Running Machine (SRM).